What is Coaching?

What is Life Coaching?which question

A certified life coach helps people identify goals in their personal and professional lives. By asking the right questions, we assist people to express their goals and help them develop a plan to achieve them.

By helping our clients explore the options in their lives, we can challenge them to go beyond their comfort zone.  We help remove roadblocks such as fear, procrastination, perfectionism, and through subsequent sessions, hold our clients accountable for remaining on the path to success.

Life coaching has been successful in the business world for many years, and is gaining more and more respect in the church environment.  It is a servant-leadership approach to “helping others help themselves.” Spending a little time helping people clarify what they need to accomplish will help them become more successful and more likely reach their desired outcomes. Some people need a friend when they are overwhelmed or temporarily stuck in a project or upcoming event. They need someone to listen and allow them to “think out loud” while they discover the best way to achieve those goals. They don’t need someone trying to “fix” them or “tell them what to do.”  Everyone resents that approach.

Normal, healthy people don’t like people telling them what to do, or offering unwanted advice.  Coaching is carefully listening to what the client is saying and asking questions to allow “deeper and wider thinking.” Then together, the coach and client can come up with the best way to reach those goals.  

Life Coaching is not giving advice. Coaches learn to set aside their own opinions and feelings. The goal of a coach is to allow the client to brainstorm all possible options and discover the best solution for himself or herself. 

Coaching is not telling the client how to do something.  A coach’s goal is to guide a client through the self-discovery process.  A coach may work with a client for several sessions, to help them find the best pathway to success on a specific goal.

The best example I can think of is a professional athlete. The athlete may be the best at what he/she does – but still there is a coach.  The coach’s role is not to fix the athlete’s game, but to help the athlete move forward to the next level. Life Coaching works along the same lines. 

A coach’s job is not to fix you or your problems, but:

  • To help you move to the next level
  • To help you find direction
  • To help you focus on the task at hand and “think outside the box”
  • To be a non-judgmental partner
  • To help you sort through things
  • To help you develop the best action plan to accomplish your goals
  • To be an accountability partner in reaching your goals

Therefore, to really assist you, a Life Coach focuses on moving you forward toward RESULTS.  Without an action plan, coaching is not really happening!

Coaching is for individuals with a healthy mental, social and spiritual perspective on life.  Coaching should not be confused with counseling, therapy or mentoring.  Anyone needing such care should contact a professional with proper credentials.

Coaching can help you reach life goals!

If you are interested in “helping others, help themselves,” here are some


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