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Which Course is Right for Me?

A potential coach is fascinated by human potential, and inspired by wanting to help others.  A novice coach learns to use intuitive listening and powerful questions to help others think, discover solutions and develop actions to achieve personal goals. An experienced coach uses all these skills and more in a commitment to the development of their client’s growth and continuous learning. These modules are designed to train you at every level of coaching.


Module 1:  Foundational Coaching Clinic©  is for anyone new to coaching and wants to learn the basic skills to become a coach in a personal, church or business setting. This course teaches you the basic principles of coaching, with supervised coaching practice, and exposes you to the ICF credentialing process.  (16 hours of coach-specific training)



 Module 2:   The QuickStep Coaching Practicum© focuses on individual skill development for using ICF Core Competencies in telephone coaching. Practice makes perfect!  Enjoy four weeks of continuous coaching to improve your skills in a non-threatening environment.  (10 hours of coach-specific training)



Module 3:  QuickTrac Coaching Workshop© is an in-depth training that picks up where the Foundational Coaching Clinic leaves off and dives deeper into the skills needed to become a professional coach.  Multiple practice sessions each day will increase your confidence and refine your coaching skills. (36 hours of coach-specific training)


If you want to become a credentialed coach, these courses may be submitted for review as coach-specific training to apply for an ICF Credential via the IFC Portfolio Path.  


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