Membership Application

Membership Application

for a QuickStep Certified Network Coach

stick_figure_sitting_chair_800_clr_3365Many coaches desire to be a member of the Quickstep Coaching Network because of its Christian emphasis and for coaching church planters, pastors, and marketplace leaders. Quickstep selects its “active network members” from its list of “in-active network members”.  Coaches may secure a membership at anytime once the stated qualifications are met and maintained.

Here are the steps to becoming a Member of the QuickStep Coaching Network.  You must be a member of the QuickStep Coaching Network to receive coaching assignments (including BGCT1 church planters and/or spouses).


Step 1 – Prior to submitting the application, you must meet at least one of the following coach Training Requirements:

  1. Hold a current ICF credential (ACC, PCC, or MCC), and have completed the Module 2 – QuickStep Coaching Practicum© and pass the Oral Exam.
  2. Have completed our Module 1 – Foundational Coaching Clinic© or at least 16 hours of coach-specific training that meets ICF standards2, have completed our Module 2 – QuickStep Coaching Practicum©, pass the Oral Exam, and make a commitment to work toward an ICF credential.
  3. Complete the QuickStep Professional Coaching Program©, and make a commitment to work toward an ICF credential. 

We strongly suggest that you consider our QuickStep Professional Coaching Program© for achieving a competent professional coaching status as quickly as possible. (See Coach Training tab.)


Step 2 – Complete at least five (5) coaching sessions following your Module 2 – QuickStep Coaching Practicum© training and before you submit your application. These sessions may be “pro bono” or for pay.  (This requirement is subject to being waved3 with adequate experience and approval from the QuickStep Coordinator.)  Additionally, you must log each person’s name, phone number, the length of each session, and whether it was for pay or “pro bono.” (Here is a free coaching log.)  

Step 3 – Submit an audio recording of your best coaching session to the QuickStep Coaching Coordinator at the time of application to prove your ability to coach according to the ICF Core Competencies. Evaluation is based on the Coaching Skill Requirements for the Oral Exam. For helpful recording instructions Click Here.  If your recording is of such poor quality that the assessor cannot hear the conversation clearly, you will need to submit another one. 

Step 4 – Send your coaching log (of at least 5 clients) and your best audio recorded coaching session to at the time you complete the online Application for Certification. Your $89 Application Processing Fee4 is non-refundable and will be requested upon receipt of application.   

Step 5 – The QuickStep Coaching Coordinator, or an appointed coach with an ICF credential, will review and evaluate all applications and recorded coaching sessions and send you an email with a pass or failed notice.5 

Step 6 – Once you have achieved all training requirements, passed the oral exam, and paid all application fees you will receive the QuickStep Certified Network Coach© Award.  An interview with the QuickStep Coordinator is required for eligibility and placement on the Active Network Member rotating list for coaching assignments to BGCT planters and/or spouses. (You must be a member of a BGCT church to coach BGCT church planters and/or spouses – a requirement of BGCT.)

Disclaimer:  Completing all requirements does not imply or guarantee that you will an Active Network Member and receive coaching assignments. Vacancies must occur on the active network coaching list before additional coaches will be added to the rotation for client assignments, or a significant number of coaching clients must be added to the client list. We will activate only the number of coaches required to meet coaching needs. 

Click HERE for the Application


To be eligible to coach a BGCT church planter and spouse, you must be a member of a BGCT affiliated church, and be a QuickStep Coaching Member in good standing.

2 Of the 16 hours required, at least 13 hours must be: Student contact hours – clock hours spent in synchronous (real-time) interactions between faculty and students (voice-to-voice or in-person training, real-time discussions, observations and feedback of practice sessions, and mentoring hours).  No more than 3 hours may be Homework/Independent Study – clock hours spent outside of real-time interaction between faculty and students (asynchronous). These may include outside reading, writing, research, journaling, and various other activities that may occur outside of the synchronous setting.  All asynchronous hours must be part of a training program and require some method of validating that the student completed the activity.  Other coach training courses must be ICF approved. Contact the QuickStep Coaching Coordinator for verification before submitting application.

3 This requirement may be waived at the discretion of the QuickStep Coaching Coordinator if you have completed the Module 2 – QuickStep Coaching Practicum© within the last few months and can demonstrate proficiency in coaching according to the Oral Coaching Exam.

4 The application fee is paid through QuickStep Coaching to the assessor evaluating your recorded coaching session.

5 Should you not pass the oral exam, the fee for additional evaluations of a recorded coaching session is $69 each.