QuickStep Coaching Practicum

Module 2:  QuickStep Coaching Practicum©

This teleclass course focuses on practicing your coacacsth_webhing!  It provides opportunity for individual skill development in using ICF Core Competencies for telephone coaching. Participants interact with coach-specific training from a certified ICF credentialed coach via a telephone conference bridge line. Participants spend most of their time coaching and be coached, and offering feedback and receiving feedback on coaching sessions. The feedback shared with each participant is tempered with an encouragement to good coaching skills. Criteria for coaching evaluation is outlined in Coaching Skill Requirements for Oral Exam.  This course is taught in English.  The QuickStep Professional Coaching Program is approved by the ICF as ACSTH (Approved Coach Specific Training Hours), and guarantees that this course will apply toward an ICF coaching credential via the ICF Portfolio Path.

A PREREQUISITE for this course is at least 16 hours of coach-specific training based on the ICF Core Competencies (like the Foundational Coaching Clinic or similar training). If you are not sure if your 16 hours will qualify for similar training, use the Contact Us form to ask if your training qualifies (list your training and where you received it). Upon completion, students receive a QuickStep Practicum Certificate.

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Cost of Practicum:  $195          

Dates:  TBA

This class is taught after consultation with graduates of Module 1. (Tuition and Fees must be paid before class begins.)


Class Length:

Each of the 4 classes will be 2 hours in length and will be held once a week via a telephone conference bridge line.

Class Total Hours credit:

Module 2 consists of 8 hours of Synchronous Training (personal interaction by teleclass) and 2 hours of Asynchronous Training (homework) for a total of 10 hours of coach-specific training.

Class Structure:


  • 30-minute reading and preparation prior to class


  • 30 minutes – topic discussion and questions
  • 45 minutes – first round of practice coaching and feedback
  • 45 minutes – second round of practice coaching and feedback

Class Participation:  Each person will have the opportunity to coach and be coached. We coach real-life situations only. When you are not coaching, you should be an active observer, so be mindful that you matter and please do not put us on hold or put your attention on other “tasks”. Active observers are required to provide feedback so that everyone can grow from the experience. At the end of each coaching session, we will verbally offer feedback and everyone should contribute.

Class Observers:

This is about evaluating actual coaching competencies, not evaluating how you would have coached, so pay close attention and listen for:

  • What you heard?
  • What you did not hear?
  • Listen for the Coaching Process and the Four Coaching Skills in each coaching situation.

Class Requirements:

  • Attend all 4 Teleclasses prescribed in the attendance policy below and complete all assignments listed in the schedule.
  • You must coach and be coached at least twice during the teleclass.
  • Provide feedback on each coaching experience.

“We pledge to do our best to support you throughout this class and request that if you are not getting what you need and want, please let us know. Note that this is the same request that we make of our coaching clients. Please help us be of the best service to you.”


Tele-Class Schedule:  CLICK HERE to Download Schedule

  • Week 1:  Review of ICF Core Competencies
  • Week 2:  Refining the Focus
  • Week 3:  Telephone Coaching
  • Week 4:  Requirements for QuickStep Coaching Oral Exam

You will receive an email giving you instructions to dial into the conference line and how to participate in the TeleClass. Try to use a landline for best reception, but most importantly – use a phone with free long distance! Otherwise, your local carrier will charge you a long distance fee.

Attendance and Makeup Policy:

A coaching student must complete the requirements for this class. Tardiness and Early Departures can lead to a full absence, the limit is 5 minutes on either end, so please be mindful and know that if you miss more than 5 minutes of the class it is considered an absence. Please call me (903-262-4955) in advance of the class if there are extenuating circumstances.

Each person is responsible for their own learning and if you are not getting what you need, please email me or ask the questions you need answering during class. Please do not shortchange yourself by staying quiet; we’re in this together, and together we make the topics and classes come to life!

If any of the four TeleClasses are missed, you will not pass the course. All four completed sessions are required before you receive your certificate of completion. Please contact me at 903-262-4955 if you have an emergency.

TeleClass Etiquette:  CLICK HERE to Download Training & Etiquette

  • Before dialing into the conference line, please disable any “call waiting.”
  • Please use your mute button when you are not speaking, this will help to reduce background noise (dogs barking, TV, radio, loud talking, etc.) and coughing or clearing your throat. Conference lines seem to amplify background noise, so what seems slight to you, may sound huge to the rest of the class. If it persists, the facilitator will kindly ask you to make the necessary adjustments.
  • Please never put us on If you have an emergency and need to drop off the line, simply call back in and reconnect. If you have music or beeping to indicate the “hold” status, the class will not be able to function with the background noise. Try to avoid interruptions and dropping off the line because you may not get credit for the class (remember the 5-minute limit in the attendance policy).
  • When responding to a question or person, always state your name first, e.g. “This is Ed …” and then make your statement or ask your question. It is sometimes difficult to distinguish between students.
  • Speak in 20-second increments. Make your point succinctly, share a quick story, or ask a question. With a number of participants on a typical TeleClass call, please be sensitive to everyone’s need to speak.
  • Fully participate. Practice intuitive listening at all times. What you have to say is often what others need to hear. If you are silent or are concerned that what you have to say isn’t worthwhile, you hold everyone else back.
  • Share what you are learning between TeleClasses. During the TeleClass, you’ll be learning new information, tools and concepts. It helps you and everyone on the call to articulate what you are learning outside of class.
  • Consider taking notes. Much of the content of the TeleClass is developed during the class call. Taking notes ensures that you will have this additional content for future reference. You will find yourself collecting “gems and pearls” of wisdom from other participants, invaluable tips and pointers for real-world coaching.
  • Enjoy yourself. These calls are a chance to learn key coaching principles, review what you’ve studied, and learn from each other’s experiences. You’ll learn more if you’re relaxed and able to “get” versus merely understand the information.
  • Normally, not everyone will be able to coach online every week. We will take turns, but we should all learn from each other’s coaching experiences.


Rescheduling and Cancellation Policy:

We know that unexpected things happen along the way.  If you must cancel or reschedule a course, please email us using the CONTACT US Form.  You will have the opportunity to enroll in the next available scheduled course.  All required class hours must be completed to receive full credit. QuickStep Coaching reserves the right to reschedule or cancel a course or program for any reason.  Cancellation may also be caused by low enrollment or unforeseen situations beyond our control by the clinic host.  If a course or program is rescheduled or canceled, participants will be notified by email.  Participants may then enroll in the next available scheduled course, or request a refund.

Refunds: Unless there is a cancellation or a mistake on the part of QuickStep Coaching, all refunds will include a 5% administration fee.  Please register carefully!