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QuickStep Coaching is committed to helping all coaches work toward and/or maintain their ICF Credentials by offering Continuing Coach Education (CCE) teleclasses.  All courses will have a coaching practice session with classroom critique. 

These courses may be submitted for review as coach-specific training to apply for an ICF Credential via ICF Portfolio Path.


2016 Continuing Education Courses

This year’s selection of continuing education courses will feature an in-depth study of the ICF Core Competencies.

Only $59 per 2-hour Teleclass!

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Feb  8  (Mon)   ICF Core Competency #1 – Meeting Ethical Guidelines and Professional Standards (2-hrs) – Keeping yourself out of ethical “hot water” is important. It is critical to maintain ethical standards with your clients. Knowing the application of the ICF Code of Ethics to various situations can be helpful. Learn how to be a highly ethical coach and stay clear of an ethical review. 7 – 9 PM Closed
Mar 14  (Mon)   ICF Core Competency #2 – Establishing the Coaching Agreement (2-hrs) – If you think the coaching agreement is just your contract with your client, well think again! It is much more than that. Ever wondered why your client keeps going in circles and you can’t figure out the focus or goal of the coaching session? It could be that you have not “refined the focus” or established the focus and goal for the coaching session. Learn how to establish the focus for each coaching meeting so your client can stay on track and not wander all over the place. 7 – 9 PM Closed
Apr 11  (Mon) ICF Core Competency #3 – Establishing Trust and Intimacy with the Client (2-hrs) – Establishing a trustworthy relationship is absolutely crucial to coaching. Thomas Leonard once said, “The relationship is much more important than the results!” Learn how to create strong and connected relationships with your clients that lead to masterful coaching. 7 – 9 PM Closed
May  9  (Mon) ICF Core Competency #4 – Coaching Presence (2-hrs) – Always check yourself before you start coaching anyone! The skills and talents you bring to the coaching session affect the coaching process. Coaching is like a dance – where you allow the client to lead. How can you use your intuition without leading the client? Learn how to be fully present with your client. 7 – 9 PM Closed
Aug  9  (Tue) ICF Core Competency #5 – Active Listening (2-hrs) – What is the difference between hearing and listening? We often think we are listening, but fail to get the real meaning of what our clients are saying. Learning to truly listen is difficult and takes practice. What question can you keep in mind that will deepen your listening? Learn the levels of listening used in coaching. 7 – 9 PM Closed
Sep 13  (Tue) ICF Core Competency #6 – Powerful Questioning (2-hrs) – Coaching is a “Socratic discipline.” Learn where coaching originated. How do you bring out of your client what is deep within? How do you ask non-threatening questions and avoid an inquisition? What makes a question powerful? Learn how to ask powerful questions that support and challenge your client’s thinking. Powerful questions are ones that your client refuses to ask himself or herself and that moves them to action. 7 – 9 PM Closed
Oct 11  (Tue) ICF Core Competency #7 – Direct Communication (2-hrs) – This competency is often difficult for novice coaches. Learning to say, “what is so” requires adequate training and practice. Coaches can shy away from this one wanting to avoid being perceived as mean, or stepping on the client’s toes or giving advice. However, this competency answers the need and desire for a coach to “just say what is obvious” to you. 7 – 9 PM Closed
Nov 15  (Tue) ICF Core Competency #8 – Creating Awareness (2-hrs) – Creating awareness is at the core of coaching! There are many ways to create awareness. Once you build your toolbox of ways to increase awareness, your clients will invite change more easily. Awareness allows the client to enthusiastically generate ways to move forward. This could be the key to greater client success in your coaching. 7 – 9 PM Closed

In 2016, QuickStep Coach Training will feature 8 of the 11 ICF Core Competencies – 4 in the Spring and 4 in the Fall. The remaining 3 core competencies and a repeat of several of the more popular ones will also be taught next year in case you missed them or the class gets full before you register.  Each class size will be limited to the first 10 coaches who register and pay the tuition.  The first four courses will be taught on Monday evenings and the remaining four courses will be taught on Tuesday evenings from 7 pm to 9 pm.  There is no limit to the number of courses you can take.

All courses will be taught by the QuickStep Coaching Coordinator, Ed Hale.  Courses are first come, first serve by registration.