Continuing Education Courses

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QuickStep Coaching is committed to helping all coaches work toward and/or maintain their ICF Credentials by offering Continuing Coach Education (CCE) teleclasses.  All courses will have a coaching practice session with classroom critique. 

These courses may be submitted for review as coach-specific training to apply for an ICF Credential via ICF Portfolio Path.


2018 Continuing Education Courses

This year’s selection of continuing education courses will feature new topics and new and repeated studies of the

ICF Core Competencies.

Only $59 per 2-hour Teleclass!

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NEW this year!   All 8 courses for the price of 6:  – $350 

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Feb  7  (Tue)   CCE #100 – Coaching Church Planters (2 hrs) [New Course] – Coaching has to be something other than instruction or methodology for the church planter. It can actually assist planters in getting more things done if used properly. I kept telling the coach, “Trust the Process” and let the client drive the agenda; and if he doesn’t fix his own problems then they’re not ready to get fixed.” He tried it and I got a phone call with an excited coach saying, “It worked, the process actually worked and he discovered a great solution on his own!” Learn how to trust the process and become a masterful coach. 7 – 9 PM $59
Mar 21  (Tue)   CCE #101 – How God Shows Up Through Coaching (2 hrs) [New Course] – Christ-centered coaching focuses on tapping into the potential of the client. It is entering into a discussion between two people who trust God to be a partner in the conversation. It is effective at an individual level as well as an organizational level. Learn the secret of an experiential dialogue in which you assist people to work out their own way of thinking and operating based on their understanding of God’s will for their life. 7 – 9 PM $59
Apr 11  (Tue) CCE #102 – How to Generate Great Coaching Topics (2 hrs) [New Course] – Clients can struggle coming up with a topic to be coach about “cold turkey.” This course discusses ways to help clients come up with quicker and more relevant topics for coaching sessions. If we are not careful, we can easily put clients on the spot when we ask them for a topic to be coached about. Most would appreciate a little heads up before being asked. Learn the tools and techniques that work best to assist clients with relevant and helpful coaching topics. 7 – 9 PM $59
May  9  (Tue) CCE #9 – ICF Core Competency: Designing Actions (2 hrs) [New Course] – You’re coming to the end of the coaching session…time is almost over…what do you do now? This is where the awareness that has been discovered is challenged to move into action. This is where clients are designing possible ways to move forward and actually “make their dreams come true!” Learn how to manage the transition from dreaming and thinking, to doing and achieving what they want. 7 – 9 PM $59
Aug  7  (Mon) CCE #10 – ICF Core Competency: Planning & Goal Setting (2 hrs) [New Course] – This competency is where the “rubber meets the road.” The client lays out the navigational map so they know where they are going and what they will do between now and the next session. This allows them to start making the move to what they want. Learn how to assist your client to formulate the steps to be taken. Novice coaches will often rush into planning too quickly before exploring all options when they ask questions like, “What will you do?” 7 – 9 PM $59
Sep 11  (Mon) CCE #11 – ICF Core Competency: Managing Progress & Accountability (2 hrs) [New Course] As a coach, we keep tabs on the progress or lack of progress a client is making. Avoiding the perspective of an overbearing inspector and one that would make a client wrong, we can instead, become an encourager for our client. The coaches role is to see the client move forward or to change directions if needed. Using the word “accountability” can sometimes have a negative effect. Learn a new terminology to use with greater effectiveness. 7 – 9 PM $59
Oct   9  (Mon) CCE #2 – ICF Core Competency: The Coaching Agreement (2 hrs)  [Repeat from 2016] – If you think the coaching agreement is just your contract with your client, well think again! It is much more than that. Ever wondered why your client keeps going in circles and you can’t figure out the focus or goal of the coaching session? It could be that you have not “refined the focus” or established the focus and goal for the coaching session. Learn how to establish the focus for each coaching meeting so your client can stay on track and not wander all over the place. 7 – 9 PM $59
Dec  4  (Mon) CCE #3 – ICF Core Competency: Trust & Intimacy with the Client (2 hrs)  [Repeat from 2016] – Establishing a trustworthy relationship is absolutely crucial to coaching. Thomas Leonard once said, “The relationship is much more important than the results!” Learn how to create strong and connected relationships with your clients that lead to masterful coaching. 7 – 9 PM $59

In 2018, QuickStep Coach Training will feature new courses to assist coaches in improving their coaching skills. 
Classes in the Spring will be held on Tuesday nights and classes in the Fall will be held on Monday nights from 7 – 9 PM. There is no limit to the number of courses you can take.

All courses will be taught by PCC QuickStep Coaching Coordinator, Ed Hale.  Courses are first come, first serve by registration.