QuickStep Professional Coaching Program Part 1


DBU’s  MAPD 5310


The 2019 QuickStep Professional Coaching Program Part 1 starts August 27, 2019 from 5:15 pm to 7:45 pm (CDT) Tuesdays and Thursdays and continues through October 22, 2019. This course is taught in conjunction with the Dallas Baptist University MAPD 5310. (For information about accredited courses at this university, see our website at http://quickstepcoaching.com/dallas-baptist-university/.

[At the first class, if there are no students taking an 8:00 pm Dallas Baptist University class on Tuesdays and Thursdays, we can change the start time to as late as 6:30 pm. This will be determined at the first class. Everyone must agree.]

How to Prepare for Class:

  • Each participant should be sitting at their computer ready to work at class time. 
  • Keep your cell phone handy in case of Internet problems.  Call 903-262-4955 if you have a problem.
  • Come to this page for downloads.  

Optional Textbook Purchases:

  • Coach U, Inc. (2005). The Coach U Personal and Corporate Coach Training Handbook. Hoboken, New Jersey: John Wiley & sons, Inc. 
  • Goldvarg, Damian; Mathews, Patricia; Perel, Norma (2018). Professional Coaching Competencies, The Complete Guide. Arroyo Grande, CA: Executive College Press (ISBN# 978-1-5323-7682-5)
  • Stoltzfus, Tony (2005). Leadership Coaching: The Disciplines, Skills and Heart of a Coach. www.Coach22.com (ISBN# 1-4196-1050-3)

While these textbooks are optional, many of the questions on the ICF CKA written exam come from the Coach U textbook which can be purchased new, used, and occasionally rented on Amazon.com but are not required for this class.


Class 1: Introduction – Asking vs. Telling

Course Outline – Bring to every class.


Worksheet for Practice Sessions – Bring to every class.

Check out the Attendance Policies below.

Class 3: Creating Safe Places

Interview 2 Coaches

Class 4: The Coaching BRIDGE model

The Coaching BRIDGE

Minimum Coaching Skills

Class 8: Speaking Truth & Shared Insights

Guiding Principles

Class 9: Encouraging Action & Giving Support

DISC Personality Inventory

Class 11: Personality Styles and Coaching Tools

Information, Intake, and Preparation Forms

New Intake Form

Coachability Index

Sample Coaching Log

Sample Contract Agreement (ICF)

Executive Coaching Contract

Attendance Policy:

Attendance is required at all scheduled class times to receive full credit for the course. Tardiness and early departures without permission can lead to a full absence, the time limit is 10 minutes on either end, so please know that if you miss more than 10 minutes of the class it is considered an absence. Please call your instructor in advance of the class if there is an emergency.  

“Each person is responsible for their own learning and if you are not getting what you need, please email us or ask the questions you need answering during class. Please do not shortchange yourself by staying quiet; we’re in this together, and together we make the topics and classes come to life!”

According to DBU academic policy, attendance in class is considered a necessary factor in the learning process. Therefore, absences for all reasons must be kept to a minimum and should not exceed 25 percent of the total class time. Students are held responsible for all academic work required or performed during their absence regardless of the reasons for those absences. Students who register late are responsible for work missed. The policy concerning class attendance for individual courses, seminars, or other guided learning experiences will be determined by the faculty members in charge of such course, seminar, or learning experience.