Become a Certified Coach

Path to ACC


How to Become a Certified Coach!

 QuickStep Coach Training© provides a 2-Step process for Coaches to earn their coach-specific training for the ACC (Associate Certified Coach) credential with the ICF (International Coach Federation).  


 Step 1 – Foundational Coaching Clinic© 

If you are new to coaching and want to learn the basic skills to become a coach in a personal, business or church setting, register for this course.  It teaches you the basic principles of coaching, with supervised coaching practice, and guarantees that you walk away knowing how to coach.

This introductory course is a two day (8am – 5pm) leadership training clinic designed to help you understand how the coaching approach develops you as leader and how it fits in with the broader purposes of God. 

The Foundational Coaching Clinic© awards a 16-hour Coaching Certificate to begin your journey toward earning a Coaching Credential and establishing your own coaching practice while achieving 1.5 units of continuing education (CEUs).  It uses The Coaching BRIDGE© Model based on the ICF Core Competencies to build a strong foundation in coaching skills. 


Step 2 – The QuickTrac Workshop or Webinar©

This training is offered during a 5-day workshop or a 2-semester webinar to meet the needs of busy coaches. Both teach the same material and have distinct advantages.  Your choice of format will depend on whether you want a compacted one week course or one that is spread out over 2 semesters. The prerequisite for either the workshop or webinar is the Foundational Coaching Clinic© or equivalent training.

The QuickTrac Workshop© is an onsite 5-day workshop that provides coach specific training needed for the ACC (Associate Certified Coach) credential with the ICF.  It dives deeper into the skills needed to become a professional coach. This workshop is facilitated by Ed Hale.

The QuickTrac Webinar© is an online 2-semester live webinar that provides the same coach specific training needed for the ACC (Associate Certified Coach) credential. This live webinar is conducted on 11 Monday nights in a fall semester, and 11 Monday nights in a spring semester. Each live webinar is two hours in length and is facilitated from 7-9pm. This webinar is facilitated by Ed Hale.

The training you will receive for completing the QuickTrac Workshop or Webinar© plus the Foundational Coaching Clinic© meet the total ICF required 60 hours of coach specific training needed to achieve the ACC credential.

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