Life Coaching Liability Insurance

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All QuickStep Coaching members are required to carry a professional liability insurance policy which covers “errors and omissions”; and have proof of that policy on file in the QuickStep office.

The decision to require professional liability insurance is a watershed moment for QuickStep Coaching. It means that our company has been awarded a contract that requires the coach to have professional liability insurance. It also means that we are getting serious about the future of coaching and where it will lead us with other clients. Professional liability insurance is coverage that protects a life coach against claims alleging negligent acts, errors, or omissions in the performance of life coaching services. As a life coach, a malpractice or negligence lawsuit could be brought against you when you least expect it. At that critical moment, nothing in the world will be more reassuring than knowing you have professional liability. In today’s lawsuit-prone world, a simple client or coaching negligence can quickly escalate into a claim against you personally, and can result in thousands of dollars in legal fees and valuable time away from work.

Contact your own insurance company to see if they carry Coaching Liability Insurance with “errors and omissions” coverage.  If you are an employee of a non-profit church or agency that uses an insurance company that carries liability insurance, you may be able to get a rider on that policy.  Otherwise, check the internet for companies that carry this insurance.