Our Educational Philosophy


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Educational Philosophy


The purpose of our coach-specific training program is to provide servant-leadership development for all walks of life. Therefore, we incorporate Christ-centered coaching into every course we teach. Every Christian businessperson, teacher, homemaker, community or church leader can benefit from this training. However, coach training is not a Bible study, and we do not impose our values on anyone.  

We believe you are the expert in your life/work and that you are a creative and resourceful person. We also believe that if you are a Christ follower, then the Holy Spirit is actively seeking to guide and direct your discernment, setting of priorities and decisions for action. Our objective is to cooperate with the Spirit’s work in you by asking questions that guide you to process your thoughts and self-generate options.

We assume that your values and beliefs provide guidance for you. As committed followers of Jesus Christ, we seek to live in accordance with this commitment. In making this disclosure, we are seeking to be open and honest, and we pledge to respect the different values and beliefs of others. We will not seek to impose our values on another, proselytize, judge, condemn, or refuse coaching services to anyone who does not share similar values and beliefs.

QuickStep Coaching wants to build a network of coaches from all walks of life to please God by producing servant leaders that are transforming the world by “helping people learn to help themselves.”