“Steps to Developing An Effective Ministry”

Have you ever heard a church member walk up to your pastor and state, “I think someone should start a new ministry in our church!”

How should the pastor respond?  I can almost guarantee that he is thinking, “Oh no, they really think I should start this new ministry!” Most pastors want to respond with something like:  “I already have a ministry; however, maybe God is calling you to this ministry.”

There are many people like you who feel that God has genuinely called them to a specific ministry but do not know the steps by which to organize the task.  It is easy to become discouraged if you do not get immediate encouragement from your pastor.  Let’s face it, a pastor wears many “hats”, and probably does not have time to sit down with every member to personally develop all their wonderful ideas.  And most of them are good ones!

COACHING AFTER THE CALL is a free ebook to help pastors coach their members through the 8 steps of developing an effective ministry from start to finish. It will also help affirm God’s call to this specific ministry, or help you decide this ministry is really not for you.  This tool uses coaching principles to help you work through an easy process to capture the organization of the potential ministry God has revealed to you. 

Use this free ebook yourself or give it to a friend who wants to start a ministry.

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