Which Program is Right for Me?


Industry Standard / Proven Results

Our program is approved by the International Coach Federation as ACSTH (Approved Coach Specific Training Hours), and guarantees that this course will apply toward an ICF coaching credential via the ICF ACSTH Path. 


QuickStep Professional Coaching Program

The QuickStep Professional Coaching Program is an online webinar training based on industry standards and proven world-class instruction.  This online webinar is the most comprehensive professional coaching program you can receive at a fair and nominal rate.  Excellent coach training should not cost an arm and a leg.  The QuickStep Professional Coaching Program costs far less than comparable ICF-approved programs without sacrificing the quality of the program.  We strive to keep our quality high and costs low.

Life Coaching CLINIC

If you are just looking for a course to help you learn how to coach and use these skills in your current job, or if you are not ready to commit to taking the required hours for a credential with the ICF, our Life Coaching CLINIC may be best for you.  Completing this course will prepare you as an apprentice coach to move forward toward professional training if you choose.  Otherwise, enjoy the benefit of an added value that you can bring to your current job.