Coach Mentor Program



Mentoring helps you navigate the credentialing process, achieve or renew an ICF credential, and obtain continuing education units.

Individual Mentoring

Being mentored is a great way to develop and sharpen your coaching skills and your ability to feel more competent as a coach. Mentoring moves individuals forward toward their personal and professional coaching goals.

For an ACC credential, the International Coaching Federation requires that 10 hours of Mentor Coaching take place over an extended time (three-month minimum) in a cycle that allows for listening and feedback from the Mentor Coach while also allowing reflection and practice on the part of the individual being mentored.  Our mentor coaches are experienced in this process and meet the requirements set by the ICF.



At least 16 hours of ICF coach-specific training.  (Maximum benefit is achieved after completing 60 hours of coach-specific training.)

How many sessions are provided?

Ten (10) sessions of Mentor Coaching.  Two 60-minute sessions per month for 5 months (other schedules are negotiable).

How are sessions conducted?

Each session consists of up to 30 minutes of evaluating a recording of you coaching a client, plus 30 minutes of very specific feedback and coaching for you ABOUT your coaching. 

What can I expect from mentoring?

Feedback from a qualified mentor coach based on observed or recorded coaching conversations will increase the coach’s proficiency in coaching, while aligning with the ICF Core Competencies.  You will receive at least three coaching sessions with written feedback.  Our mentoring also provides preparation for ICF oral and written exams.

Payment Options

Option 1:  Full payment of $1975 – will save you money!

Option 2:  Deposit of $350 now, and 5 monthly payments of $350 at the start of Mentoring Services. 

QuickStep Coaching must receive complete payment before issuing transcripts or certifications.


Need Additional Mentor Coaching?

Register for the number of personal sessions you need to improve your coaching. 

Includes listening to a recorded coaching session and a written and oral critique of your coaching.

(May not be used toward the 10-hour Mentoring requirements for ICF.)

$200 per session

Ed Hale

Why Have a Mentor Coach?

You’ve spent many hours learning to be a masterful coach and coaching clients. Now you are ready to complete the final steps to your ACC or PCC, renewing your ICF credential, or looking for continuing education hours.

You can now fast-track the process by working with a certified mentor coach. You want a mentor who has trained and certified hundreds of coaches and listened to hundreds of coaching sessions.  In addition to training and certifying coaches in ICF core competencies through QuickStep Coaching, I have been an adjunct professor at Dallas Baptist University since 2011, teaching and mentoring graduate students through a Coaching Concentration.

I have a trained ear in listening for all of the ICF core competencies in a coaching conversation.  My students tell me they are amazed at my ability to gently and accurately provide feedback that builds confidence in their coaching.  

I am committed to helping you become a masterful coach through supportive mentoring.  Give me a call and let’s talk about what you need to improve your coaching, or get in touch below and I’ll answer any question you may have!

Ready to Get Started?

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Attendance Policy:

The instructor will keep strict attendance, and according to the International Coaching Federation, you will receive credit only for the hours you actually attend live classes. Attendance is required at all scheduled class times to receive full credit for the course. Tardiness and early departures can lead to a full absence, the time limit is 10 minutes on either end, so please know that if you miss more than 10 minutes of the class it can lead to subtraction of at least a full hour.

Please call your instructor in advance of the class, if possible, when there is an emergency, otherwise call as soon as you can.

“Each person is responsible for their own learning and if you are not getting what you need, please ask the questions you need answering during class. Please do not shortchange yourself by staying quiet; we’re in this together, and together we make the topics and classes come to life!”

Rescheduling and Cancellation Policy:

We know that unexpected things happen along the way.  If you must cancel before a course begins, no refund will be issued. You will have the opportunity to enroll in the next available scheduled course.  If you cancel after a course begins, you will receive credit for the hours you have completed and you will have the opportunity to enroll in the next available scheduled course starting at the place you canceled. Please use the CONTACT US form to notify us of any cancelation in writing.

QuickStep Coaching reserves the right to reschedule or cancel a course or program.  Cancellation may be caused by low enrollment or unforeseen situations beyond our control.  If a course or program is rescheduled or canceled, participants will be notified by email.  Participants may then enroll in the next available scheduled course, or request a refund. Refunds are only given if QuickStep Coaching has to cancel the course and another one will not be scheduled.