Life Coaching CLINIC


The next QuickStep Life Coaching CLINIC Webinar starts October 7, 2019 from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm (CDT) Mondays and Wednesdays and continues through October 30, 2019. 

How to Prepare for Class:

  • Each participant should be sitting at their computer ready to work at class time. 
  • Keep your cell phone handy in case of Internet problems.  Call 903-520-2993 if you have a problem logging into class.
  • Come to this page for Homework assignments.  Download and complete each assignment before class.

Optional Textbook Purchases:

  • Coach U, Inc. (2005). The Coach U Personal and Corporate Coach Training Handbook. Hoboken, New Jersey: John Wiley & sons, Inc. 
  • Stoltzfus, Tony (2005). Leadership Coaching: The Disciplines, Skills and Heart of a Coach. (ISBN# 1-4196-1050-3)

While these textbooks are optional, many of the questions on the ICF CKA written exam come from the Coach U textbook.  They can be purchased new, used, and occasionally rented on but are not required.


Assignment #1 – October 7, 2019:

  • Downloads:
  • Check out the Attendance Policies below.
  • Write your own Definition (Explanation) of Coaching.  Share it with the class as a 20-second commercial to someone asking, “What can I expect from coaching?”  Due by Class #4 – October 16

Assignment #2 – 

Attendance and Makeup Policy:

Attendance is required at all scheduled class times to receive full credit for the course. Tardiness and early departures can lead to a full absence, the time limit is 10 minutes on either end, so please know that if you miss more than 10 minutes of the class it is considered an absence. Please call your instructor in advance of the class if there is an emergency.  All Makeup classes are $49 per class and can be scheduled at a mutually agreed upon date and time with the instructor.

“Each person is responsible for their own learning and if you are not getting what you need, please email us or ask the questions you need answering during class. Please do not shortchange yourself by staying quiet; we’re in this together, and together we make the topics and classes come to life!”

Rescheduling and Cancellation Policy:

We know that unexpected things happen along the way.  If you must cancel or reschedule a course, please email us using the CONTACT US Form. You will have the opportunity to enroll in the next available scheduled course. QuickStep Coaching reserves the right to reschedule or cancel a course or program for any reason.  Cancellation may also be caused by low enrollment or unforeseen situations beyond our control.  If a course or program is rescheduled or canceled, participants will be notified by email.  Participants may then enroll in the next available scheduled course, or request a refund.

Refunds: Unless there is a cancellation or a mistake on the part of QuickStep Coaching, all refunds will include a 5% administration fee (not to exceed $35).  Please register carefully!